Melee Diamond Buyers And Larger Stones

White Pine has developed a network of global distribution channels for the diamonds its buys. We sort the diamonds we buy into sorted parcels of color and clarity for sale to the wholesale market. These assortments are desirable for manufacturers and yield White Pine better prices. We pass these price benefits on to the customers we buy from meaning you will achieve some of the fairest prices in the industry from White Pine. We make immediate offers to buy your diamond stock and we make same day payments for all purchases no matter what the size is.

Melee Diamond Buyers:
Sell your small diamonds known as melee, stones up to 0.2ct in size to White Pine. We buy recycled melee or surplus to requirements melee from a wide variety of businesses such as Pawnbrokers, Jewelers, Refiners and Manufacturers. If you are looking for a melee diamond buyer on a ongoing basis or would like to complete a one off transaction White Pine can help.

White Pine buys 20-30,000+ carats of melee in USA, Europe and Asia every month and we have an in depth knowledge of how to buy and grade melee. We sell the diamonds we buy directly into the global wholesale market with no middleman and are one of the world’s leading recycled diamond buyers. Our position in the market place ensures we have can pass on the latest market prices to our customers.
We price melee in a consistent and professional manner. We update our melee prices weekly and the new prices are distributed to all of our buyers. If you want to sell melee diamonds make an inquiry through the site and one of experts will be able to assist and advise you.

The majority of the diamonds mined, cut and produced in the world are melee. Manufacturers buy melee assortments in parcels, which are heavily traded and extensively used in jewelry production.

Sell Pointers:
0.2ct to 0.49ct: White Pine buys diamond pointers of 20 points up to half a carat of all shapes, cuts, colors and clarities. We grade these stones by splitting into size groups, 0.20-0.29 carats, 0.30-0.39 carats, and 0.40-0.49 carats and for large volumes, generating a price per carat for each size group. For very high grade stones in these categories we will grade and price each individually, but pointers are generally treated in parcels, and are graded and valued as such.

Large Stones:
0.5 carats +: for diamonds of half a carat and up, unless the grade of the stone is very low and groups of this size category are sold in low-grade parcels, in which case we will grade and value the parcel in the same way as for pointers, larger diamonds are graded and valued by White Pine individually. Our trained diamond graders will grade each stone according to the standards set by GIA, and we will value according to the market price which itself generally is referenced to the Rapaport Diamond Report, published weekly. The higher grade and therefore price of a larger stone, the longer our grading team will take to value. Diamonds larger than 3 carats will often internally require a second opinion as to grade, and will be escalated to the Head of Valuation for a price, so it may take longer to value compared to 0.50 carats to 2.99 carat stones.

Diamond Jewelry:
Pawnbrokers and goldbuyers form a healthy percentage of our client base and we buy large quantities of diamonds that are still in their settings. We receive engagement rings, diamond pendants, eternity rings with diamonds of all shape, sizes and quality. We have the infrastructure and knowledge to value large quantities jewelry and process the removal of the diamonds for recycling back into the industry. We have built strong relationships with businesses across the globe who come into contact with bulk diamond jewelry and have setup regular processing or variable quantities of diamonds.