White Pine is a well-established global recycled diamond business. Founded in 2010 and headquartered in New York with buyers operating across the United States, Europe and Asia, White Pine approaches diamond buying differently to its competitors. It has built a huge global network of regular clients as a result of its excellent pricing and transparent method of operation.

Professionalism: With more than 50 people worldwide, we are a well trained group of diamond specialists with many years of experience in grading and valuing all types of diamonds; our buyers are incentivized to establish long term relationships with our customers built through mutual trust and are not rewarded for underpaying you for your diamonds.

Permanent Presence: We are always in the market and looking to buy 365 days a year; many of our competitors only buy when the market is rising, and disappear when it is not.

Consistent Pricing: We have a methodical approach to pricing and update our prices regularly according to changes in the market so you can be sure that you always receive the most competitive offer.

Same Day Payments: We pay by wire transfer or check and make this payment on the same day so you can receive your funds immediately; we don’t place limits on the size or number of purchases we make.

Local Buyers: We have dedicated buyers operating in your state and have country buyers across Europe who will come to your premises to grade and value your diamond stock.

Pawnshops, Gold Buyers, Retail Jewelers, Refiners and Manufacturers across the United States, Europe and Asia sell to us on a regular basis; in 2014 we traded $100m of diamonds. This make us one of the world’s largest recycled diamond buyers.
expert valuations from an expert team
White Pine employs a team that is second to none in the recycled purchasing industry with many years of experience. Our experts interface directly with the New York and Hong Kong recycled diamond markets and are able to offer you accurate and market-leading valuations in the industry based on the latest market conditions. All of our buyers have received formal GIA training and have learnt from some of the most experienced professionals in the industry. Consumers can also sell to us.