White Pine History and Corporate Timeline

February 2010
White Pine Trading is launched with the goal of reducing inefficiencies of recycled diamonds returning to production, re-energizing an old, traditional industry.

October 2010
White Pine enters into the UK market completing its first purchases

November 2010
White Pine recruits its 5th dedicated diamond buyer in the US

May 2011
White Pine expands purchasing operations into Europe

July 2011
White Pine enters into the Spanish market completing its first purchases

August 2011
White Pine finishes its 3rd round of financing. Secures financing from affiliates of Perella Weinberg Partners Asset Based Value Strategy which becomes a majority owner of the company

November 2011
White Pine enters the Japanese market completing its first trades

December 2011
A landmark $50m of diamonds had been traded by the company

February 2012
White Pine enters the Italian market and hires a buyer dedicated to Italy

March 2012
White Pine launches WPDiamonds.com where members of the public can sell diamonds direct to White Pine in the US with further releases in the UK and Spain happening in the following months. Consumers can sell diamond jewelry, sell diamond rings , luxury watches and branded jewelry and receive a cash offer.

April 2012
White Pine moved into its state of the art offices on 5th Avenue, New York City. The offices have the facilities to host White Pine Sales Events.

April 2012
The company completes its first Sales Event with 3rd party goods

June 2012
“Buy Now” system is launched to enable business to buy large quantities of diamonds prior to Sales Events

August 2012
White Pine enters the French and Greek markets completing its first purchases and hiring buyers for those regions

September 2012
The first Asian Sales Event takes place in Hong Kong

October 2012
A landmark $100m of diamonds is traded by the company

November 2012
White Pine recruits its 10th dedicated diamond buyer

March 2013
White Pine appoints its first diamond buyer in Germany

August 2013
White Pine hosts its first Sales Event in India. Event takes places in Mumbai.

November 2013
White Pine hosts first Finished Jewelry and Watch Sales Event for Trade in New York on November 11th.

June 2014
White Pine hires Sam Ziefer to head up its Retail Buy-Back programs.

October 2014
White Pine launches its Fine Jewelry division led by Dominic Mainella and Jeff Sadowsky.