Buying and Selling Jewelry – We have solutions for your business
White Pine Jewelry Solutions is a team of experienced industry professionals offering services to retailers, manufacturers and suppliers of jewelry in the United States and Europe.

From buying or selling surplus inventory to providing inventory appraisals to financial institutions looking to loan against stock, White Pine can provide the insight, knowledge and pricing to suit your business needs.

Our Four Main Service Offerings:

Buying and selling surplus jewelry inventory. We are now one of the biggest operators in the USA and Europe. We buy and sell branded and nationally recognized jewelry, traditional diamond basics, fine quality diamond & color fashion jewelry. We have assembled a world class sales team and are happy to schedule appointments at your store.

Retail Partnerships. We work with fine jewelers across the nation to offer in store buy-back programs and in store buying events so retailers can increase revenues. Customers can opt for store credit for extra value or for a check, picked up in store.

Certified Diamonds. White Pine has an extensive list of 5000+ GIA certified diamonds available for immediate purchase. Our listings are available here and live on RapNet for the very latest availability.

Estate and Antique Jewelry. Our experienced team has extensive experience in understanding the market values of both Estate and Antique pieces and can help you buy or sell. We make visits to your premises to assess and buy stock and our national salesforce will be able to supply you according to your needs.

consultancy from an expert team
White Pine Jewelry Solutions has an expert team with a combined 200 years of experience in both the retail and wholesale side of the jewelry industry. Our team combines business acumen with the latest pricing information from the metal and precious stone and jewelry markets to present outstanding value to our clients. We also provide business consultancy identifying the right solution for your business and help you increase profits. We can provide you with services which will unlock revenue streams you never knew existed.

Our Consultancy Services Include:

Inventory evaluation and appraisals (both on an immediate sale and more structured sales event basis) to help your financial backers understand existing inventory values.

Evaluation of the business options open to you, from store closing, consolidation or promotional sales, to overstock sales events, we will advise you of the costs and benefits of each.

Specialty Sales services to help you run in-house sales events from your own premises, with advice on merchandising, pricing, mystery shopping of your competitors, marketing and advertising the sale, training sales staff and providing sales supervisors to manage the event and provide extra sales support.

Event Auction and quick sale programs using White Pine's tested platform to maximize price for your extra inventory through our global network of buyers.

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