Sell Diamond Ring, any kind Purchased, cash advanced in 24 hours from accepting our offer

Diamond rings are the largest category of diamond items we buy and we are specialists in purchasing rings. Often, pawnbrokers, local jewelers, or some online buyers will not have the necessary experience or market knowledge to offer a fair price. Selling online to a company like WP allows you to send your item/s to a central team with years of experience in the diamond industry globally. WP is a central part of the second hand diamond industry, which means we can pass on the advantages of our size and knowledge in the form of better customer service and price.

When you sell diamond ring to WP Diamonds, you will be able to realize the maximum value from your asset.

Our 5 Point Diamond Ring Valuation Process:

1). Initial valuation via telephone or email – Our highly trained team will take the details you provide, including Weight (carat), Condition, Shape, Clarity, Color, Fluorescence, and Cut Grade, and provide you with an initial valuation of your ring if you have certification details.

2). Metal Assessment – We will combine the diamond price with the price of the gold or platinum that your ring is set in and include that in your initial valuation.

3). Sending your ring for Expert Valuation – We are constantly buying and selling diamonds and are at the center of the diamond industry. Many people and businesses send items to our New York office via our free and insured FedEx service for expert valuation.

4). Expert Valuation of your ring – We perform a detailed diamond appraisal and factor in market conditions and prices to provide you with the expert valuation for the best possible price. Our team has huge experience spanning a combined 55 years in diamond ring valuation. It's in our interest to provide you with a highly competitive price, so you accept the offer.

5). Fast Payment – If you accept our offer (and we initiate the payment before 4pm EST), you will receive the money the next day.

Sell your diamond ring now

Diamond rings, engagement rings, and wedding rings come in all shapes and sizes and can be accompanied by a certifications such as a GIA or EGL. Having certification makes it easier for us to value your ring, as most of the information has been clarified by professionals (although the quality of grading can vary). It's increasingly common for people to buy and sell bespoke diamond rings which have very different designs and qualities. WP Diamonds regularly sees all kinds and values each of the diamonds on their own merits using the expert valuation process. Our size and credentials mean you should not worry about selling diamond rings online.

We understand that your rings may have some sentimental value and that's why we insure every ring individually when you send them to us for a full valuation. Our team of experts have years of experience in the jewelry trade at all levels. This is what gives WP Diamonds an edge over its competitors who buy small volumes of rings and don't have the experience to know their true value.

Engagement rings are the most commonly sold type of diamond rings online. It's mostly because they have a larger original purchase price and therefore, a larger second hand value.

The second most sold diamond ring is a diamond wedding ring. Diamonds are increasingly being used in wedding ring production and they have strong resale values.

We buy diamond rings routinely of all styles:

Engagement Rings