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White Pine is one of the largest recycled diamond and jewelry trading companies in the world. Recycled diamonds are diamonds removed from jewelry, aggregated, sorted, recut and sold back to the industry for use in manufacturing new jewelry. In 2014 White Pine traded more $100 million of recycled diamonds and jewelry.

White Pine now provides a host of solutions to jewelry retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers. From buying and selling millions of dollars of surplus jewelry inventory to partnering with retailers to provide in-store buy back programs to their customers, White Pine has solutions for your business.

Much of White Pine’s business is concerned with the bulk recycling of parcels of small-sized diamonds (called melee after the French word for mix). Individually these stones have virtually no use in bulk jewelry manufacture and therefore little or no value. But when aggregated in sufficient volume they can be sorted and recut to create matching parcels which are as valuable for jewelry manufacture as freshly cut diamond parcels.

We buy from businesses in the jewelry trade, such as jewelry manufacturers and retailers, precious metal refiners, buyers and aggregators, and pawnbrokers. We sell these diamonds and those of larger jewelry trade customers to a vast range of diamond specialists, particularly diamond and jewelry manufacturers in the US and Asia through our regular worldwide Auctions and ongoing Brokerage services. As diamond traders, we buy and sell competitively priced certified single-stone recycled diamonds, and offer a range of recycled diamond-related services.

With our head office on New York’s Fifth Avenue, regional offices in Birmingham (UK) and Tokyo (Japan), and buyers throughout the US, Europe and Asia, we have a vast network of buyers and sellers to ensure the best service possible for our customers on all sides of any transaction.

At White Pine we bring a fresh approach to the diamond market. Please contact us for more information about our services. 
Leaders in recycled
We recycle diamonds of no inherent value by purchasing unmatched inventory in sufficient bulk to sort and sell back into jewelry production. Our consistently well sorted recycled diamond parcels satisfy production needs around the globe.

We are leaders in recycled diamond buying, bringing a fresh approach to a centuries-old industry. We have direct access to wholesale diamond markets around the world allowing us to pay market leading prices for any size of transaction, and supply the volume and scope of diamond inventory for sale to satisfy your purchasing requirements.

White Pine has also innovated the diamond selling market. With unique insight into global recycled diamond market prices, by finely sorting diamond parcels into categories which are in demand in the wholesale market and creating our own 'Buy Now' sales format, top prices are achieved for sellers while purchasers secure the purchase of only what they need without the uncertainty of an open bidding process. Our unique Brokerage Service offers daily opportunities to sell or buy large carat volumes at market prices. White Pine matches thousands of professional diamond buyers and sellers from around the world.

For retailers interested in our new “Melee On Demand” service, please download our price sheet.